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30x80cm Acrylic and mixed-media on deep-edge stretched canvas.


The sides are painted and it is ready to hang, unframed.

Spring Forth - Mandi Beard

  • Spring Forth is an abstract painting full of energy. It is a vibrant combination of bold and bright colours, moody blues, and dark indigo blacks. The contrast of these colours creates an almost electric charge that radiates out from the canvas.

    The painting is alive with movement, as bold brushstrokes swirl and spin in curves, suggesting a forward motion, like a call to action. A sense of hope and optimism fills the painting and act as a reminder to let go of the past and move forward into the future with courage.

    Mandi's painting speaks to the need for renewal and growth. Swaths of vibrant colour draw the eye, suggesting the hopefulness and joy that comes with the changing season. On either side of this bright center, hues of dark indigo, grey, black, and blue create a contrast, emphasizing the need to let go of negativity and fear in order to move forward.

    The bold lines within the painting suggest a force of energy pushing onward, while the delicate details express beauty and light. Together, these elements combine to create powerful encouragement that it is time to take that leap.

    Spring Forth is full of life and energy, symbolizing the power of shedding old ways and embracing new beginnings. The painting captures the spirit of optimism and courage that comes when we take risks and open ourselves to possibility. It is a reminder that we can move forward with love, joy, and faith.

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