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We all have spirit guardians watching over us and the earth. Here a bird in flight hovers above the landscapes of antiquity, monoprinted in golden yellows and greys.  Handstitched together using silk thread.


30 x 30 cm mounted on a wooden panel

Spirit Guardian - Annette Elizabeth Sykes

  • Always fascinated by ancient civilisations and their legacies upon the earth, Annette has recently turned her attention and not inconsiderable talents to thoughts of Earths’ struggle against all odds to balance itself.

    These Fine Art Prints are all one off pieces and are mounted onto board, sealed again and framed, hence avoiding glazing, which gives an original, unique, look and feel to the work.

    Treasures, natural and man made, seen and unseen, revealed beneath layers of print; fissures in the planets surface utilised by plant growth, wonderful blooms erupting seemingly from nothing, Earth thriving, its’ heart strings being made good by a ‘stitch in time’, a favourite saying of both her Mother and Grand-mother in her formative years. A stitch in time, saves nine - or have we gone beyond the realms of that old adage?

    Stitch is indeed used in the make up of these pieces; print layers upon print, collaged together and stitched with pure silk thread, upon a sympathetic medium of Japanese papers - their strength, yet fragile nature, echoing their subject matter.

    Each layer is sealed with medium, which is repeated again and again until a ‘leathery’ surface is achieved, a look and feel of age and patina, not unlike the materials used by many civilisations across the ages to record their beliefs and celebrations.  Quite often skins were made into Vellum, plant fibres into parchment, taking skill and time, achieving a longevity not often seen in paper.

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