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Expressive wildlife mixed-media painting on paper 8x6.5in


Double Mounted and framed to fit an 8x12in a soft white wooden frame.

Life in Colour - Alanda Calmus

  • This painting depicts a lop-eared rabbit in a colourful and vibrant way. 

    The rabbit has an endearing look on its face as if it is about to do something naughty. Its sideways glance further enhances the illusion of its mischievous personality. Additionally, its eyes are wide with a hint of innocence that adds to its unique charm.

    The saturated colours and playful, expressive paint marks create an eye-catching image that captivates the viewer.

    Using a mix of acrylic paints and other media, Alanda has created a whimsical painting that captures the essence of the animal's spirit.

    The painting is set against a light blue background that highlights the vibrant colors of the rabbit. The composition is balanced with a mix of geometric shapes and organic forms that give the painting a playful quality, conveying a sense of joy and fun.

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