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New life, new energy; exuberance, and vitality!

It is a pleasure to introduce Gillian's newest art doll at this exhibition. 

A lithe, willowy form, she is open to the world. Joy renews her energies - up into her body, it spreads, breathing new life into tired limbs.

A meditative emotive sculpture worked in needle-felted wool over a wire armature, allowing the gentle repositioning of her body to suit her display space.


She is approx 46cm tall, including the wooden mount - a slice from a felled branch in Gillian's garden, which has been sanded and waxed.

Joy: Reawakened - Gillian Runting

  • "A mental image of her arrived fully formed - as most of my work does.

    A strong shoot reaching upwards, twisting, turning, stretching. Her energies had been lying dormant in a liminal space, waiting. Now a warmth is travelling from her sturdy base, following the lines of her supple body. Purples travel into the stony greys; fiery red intensifies behind - Reawakening. Joy."

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