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Mixed media on birch panel, 50 x 50 cm



Unleash your inner Goddess with this beautiful new painting by Annette Elizabeth Sykes! With intricate, celestial patterns and bold, vibrant colours, this stunning artwork allows you to capture the same awe-inspiring beauty of a Super Moon in your home.


Feel empowered and inspired as you bring energy, beauty, and unique style to any room in your house.


Let the Goddess Rhiannon take you on a journey through the night sky and be transported to a magical realm of galaxies and twinkling stars! She can guide you to see your inner radiance so you can dance in awe of your own divine power.

Goddess - Annette Elizabeth Sykes

  • One of Nature's awe-inspiring sights is the huge golden globe of a Super Moon lording it over clear, clear skies populated by galaxies of twinkling stars, almost as if in obeisance to its’ glory.

    Absurdly then, my thoughts turned to the nursery rhyme ‘The Cow Jumped Over the Moon’; but, what if it hadn’t been a cow, but the tangible description of a god or goddess proclaiming in the heavens, translated into everyday imagery for the populace?

    Immediately Rhiannon sprang to mind, goddess of the Moon, the night; so here she is carrying the element of air or wind within her patterning, seemingly leaping, dancing, delighting in her otherworldly physicality, across the face of the moon.  These fanciful ideas encompassed my imagination and playtime took care of the rest!

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