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38x57cm (See also Oestre in the Spring Collection)

Deeply Embossed Monoprint

This is a singular, one-of-a-kind piece. No other prints have been produced in this design.

Unframed and rolled in a tube for delivery.

Cerridwen - Annette Elizabeth Sykes

  • How 2 and 2 made 5; well in MY head anyway!!

    Swimming in our North Sea last week, I could have been in tropical waters anywhere, the sky was blue, the sea as calm as could be and warm as a bath once I was in.I felt the silky softness of the salty water on my skin, soothing my body and lifting my mind to the spirits above. So my thoughts turned to goddesses, at that moment in time I did feel like one - until I emerged wet and dripping, but that is part and parcel of an early morning swim with ladies of like mind and age! Later that morning a friend, proclaimed - ‘first day of Spring! Yayyy! ‘ To which I replied, ‘It might be over there, but here it is the first day of Autumn!’

    Odd how thoughts get lodged in your brain, but on return to the studio I was playing around and came up with two prints - ‘Eostre - Goddess of Spring’ and ‘Cerridwen - Goddess of Autumn’. Each existing simultaneously at opposing sides of the world, it felt right that they have been created together from the same plate, emerging from the ether onto the paper through the filter of my imagination. So yes, two seasons, two friends and a creative journey made 5 in my particular through process! Maybe more may be born? Who knows?

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