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Mixed-media Art Doll with 2 accompanying artworks in 6x6in and 8x8in frames.


This unique collection of exquisite dolls and their accompanying framed works brings together two strands of Greek mythology - the Nymphs and the Fates. The Nymphs were ethereal female personifications of nature - the forests, rivers, meadows, mountains and seas. Into these spirits, I have breathed the essence of the Three Fates - divine entities that symbolised the birth, life, and death of humankind.

Each of my nature spirits is paired with one or more framed works that have been nurtured from the depths of my sketchbooks. These 2D works capture the threads of inspiration that I have woven into these intricate dolls.

You will discover youthful curiosity, boundless energy and an aura of playfulness. As you explore, you will find the connection and understanding that only adulthood can bring - a celebration of womanhood in its fullest bloom. Finally, a transformative legacy is unveiled - the wisdom that accompanies our journey to old age.

Aura Cool Breeze 1 & 2 with Art Doll - Gillian Runting

  • "A note about the wood used in my current collection. It has all been collected by me from my local area, being careful only to remove fallen pieces and taking bark only when it has come away from the tree by itself. I am always careful to take only a couple of pieces from each place. Once home, I keep the wood outside, to allow critters time to escape, before drying the wood in my oven and sealing the completed piece."

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