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Why Aether to Easel?

Aether to Easel was born out of a desire to support Visionary and Intuitive artists with a platform that understands their unique creative expression.

The idea for Aether (or Ether) to Easel came originally from the concept that inspiration comes from something outside of us that is somehow divinely given. Think of the Muse in Greek mythology for example.

Of course we understand that we are already an integral and inseparable part of the Universe, therefore we are just as much the inspiration as we are the inspired.

By creating in the way that we do, we allow ourselves the time and peaceful space to bring that constant connection into deeper focus.

Our artists are specially chosen because they offer our customers a beautiful and intriguing visual reminder of their own connections to the natural world and unseen realms beyond.

The art we make offers us respite from the pressures we feel in day to day modern life. We use our intuition and creativity to connect to something greater and more expansive than can be described by words alone.

When we paint or craft something, we are working to convey that connection visually and share it with you, the viewer.

Here are some of the things we try to say via our creations;

This how I feel when I give myself over to my creative process. Do you feel my joy when you see this colour or this mark? Does it spark pleasure within you too?

My wish is to convey my warm nostalgia and bring you the same feelings of comfort and joy.”

X Marks our Spot - Faye Winter

When I am in nature I’m excited by the flutter of bird wings, the iridescence of a dragonfly, the colour of juicy wild berries, new shoots bursting through the ground, the speed of a hare as it flashes through the field. These things are all so precious to me.

My wish is that the vibrancy of my paintings help bring these beautiful things into your awareness so they can become precious to you too”

Rewilding My Heart - Alanda Calmus

I wish to share with you messages of hope, inspiration and wisdom from beyond.

I can be the conduit for connection to other realms so you can see we are not alone.

We are all connected to each other, through life, into death and beyond, as well as to the entire cosmos.”

The Seer - Mandi Beard

In the past we understood that were part of an ancient and magical world but now it seems we can no longer see or feel that world as richly or as intimately.

I wish to show you that we are still a part of it all by bringing a little magic, myth and mystery back into your world.”

An Dagda, Fer Ben - Annie Cole

In short, we want to share with you our visions so you can experience more joy, more peace, more wonder in your own life by noticing the things that can light you up and remind you of these truly wondrous connections that we all have!

Welcome to our world. Welcome from Aether to Easel!

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