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Mandi Beard


"Throughout time we have worked with our subconscious mind to create music, art and poetry. Through visions, meditations and dreams, great pieces have materialised within the creator. Such was my interest in this area that I decided to give myself to the spirit world and see what happened.

I start my creative process by working intuitively. With my headphones on, playing my favourite music, I shut out the world around me. I make random textured marks on my canvas or wood panel. Adding layers of colour, I turn the piece around until something or someone appears to me.

Some days I walk away from my studio disheartened. The feeling that I have only made some random patterns and colours is heavy. Other times, people, children or animals appear to me. Quite often their character emerges as I continue to work on them.

As I work on these spiritual beings, I like to imagine a sense of their past lifetimes. What were their loves and losses? What is their soul energy and where are they on their eternal journey through the spirit world?

On rare occasions, I am lucky enough to bring through the Elders. These are Spirit Guides or Enlightened ones. They are beautiful old souls who have had many lifetimes, many journeys. They have untold wisdom that they may pass on to you if you sit with them awhile.

I also feel the spirits of less fortunate, tortured souls come through in my paintings. These are sometimes sad, looking for comfort or an outlet for their pain. Sometimes a dark soul makes their presence known. They can be charming in their own way and often I’m able to capture a lighter side to them.

This Brush with the Spirit world has been eye-opening for me. It teaches me patience, humility and respect for the unknown."

DISCLAIMER: These entities have energy that some people may find disturbing. We take no responsibility for anything that occurs as a result of viewing these pieces.

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