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Gillian Runting

Mixed-Media and Textiles

My practice is centred around the creation of original, textile art-dolls, meditative, emotive pieces, each telling a unique story.

Each doll’s creation is an introspective journey. I begin with a lively exploration of my thoughts, which I organise into a theme. In handmade sketchbooks, I explore colour palettes. I hand-print my own papers and develop these into abstract collages.

As my ideas take shape, I add mixed-media, textiles, and clay, using them to make 3d forms, artist books, and small dolls. I work intuitively, allowing my materials to tell my story.

As I explore, I develop favourite pieces into the supporting works that accompany my dolls. From this body of work, I am able to create the collection’s centrepiece - a unique
mixed-media textile art-doll. Each one is original, yet related to the pieces I have created along the way.

I use natural materials whenever possible and find delight in re-purposing found objects.

My workspace is a small room tucked in the eaves of my home in Kent. I don’t have formal art training, but I have expressed my creativity through textiles for as long as I can remember - dressmaking, crochet, weaving, knitting, spinning, embroidery,
needle-felting, etc.

Then came the pandemic. An enforced re-evaluation. I found solace in the local woodland and then retreated to my craft space. There, I allowed my hands to play and create - my inner world was drawn outwards into a tangible external form and my doll-making practice was born.
 “Lockdown Art”.

Encouraged, I entered the 2021 Turner Contemporary Open Exhibition. I was so excited when they selected two of my dolls. Since then, I have continued to create, exhibit and sell my dolls and textile art.

Gillian Runting: Portfolio
Gillian Runting: Product Gallery
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