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Faye Winter

Acrylic Painting

"I would describe my process as "creating in the moment", driven by where my subconscious wants to take me.’

I start the dance on the canvas with layers and layers of paint. I listen to my intuition for where to put the colours and when to change the texture. By scratching into the paint or dabbing it off, it becomes playtime for me.

I use different tools to create interesting marks and shapes over these many layers. During the process, I begin to see familiar images from memories. I'm stimulated by nature and its beauty. Sometimes it is memories of moments by the seaside or a walk through a forest that inspires me. Sometimes it is the joy of a wildflower meadow.

These memories translate into colourful, painted areas which are fuzzy and feel melancholic. This is where the memories drift and flow one into another.

Some marks become more prominent, whether repetitive shapes or crosses. This is my subconsciousness wanting to show itself. I go with what feels right so when it feels like it's time to stop, I do.

For me, my painting is like meditation. I go with the flow and everything feels easy and liberating. Feelings of frustration disappear and I don't question my decisions.

Bright joyful colours are my favourite to work with. You will almost always find pinks or yellows in my work as I want my paintings to feel optimistic and uplifting.

Abstract painting brings me so much personal freedom and joy which I hope translates into my art."

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