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Annie Cole

Mixed Media, Ceramics and Beadwork

A multi-talented lady, Annie has this to say about her work.

"As someone who spent many years enjoying a job which used all of my energy and ingenuity I was slightly concerned that I might lose some of my love of life upon retirement. I was wrong. I just changed passions!

I moved to the Moray coast where wild beauty surrounded me and rekindled my joy in making things. I knew I had always wanted to paint but my work now includes fabrics, beads and even clay!

I need colour in my life to give a feeling of immersion. I need lines and curves to create warmth and care. I tend to start my pieces by making happy accidents and then use these to lead me into whatever flight of fancy comes to mind. Lucky me, I have discovered my secret for creativity."

Annie Cole Portrait
Annie Cole: Portfolio
Annie Cole: Product Gallery
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