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A warm welcome from
Æther to Easel

Ostara's Envoy Detail - Alanda Calmus..jpg
Sunset Splendour - Annie Cole.jpg
Flow I - Grigorios Karastamatis.webp
Lost to the Bermuda Triangle - Faye Winter.jpg
Across the Divide - Annette Elizabeth Sykes.jpeg
Healing with Amber - Mandi Beard.jpg
Little One, Come to Me - Gillian Runting
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Our Current Exhibition

This summer, come explore the depths of creative expression. Through a collection of works from emerging and established artists, this exhibition will allow you to reflect on the beauty of nature while exploring the abstract and intuitive aspects of art.

From vibrant landscapes to abstract shapes, you’ll be inspired by the innovative approaches taken by the featured artists as they express their unique visions. Whether it's an exploration of colour or an expression of emotion, come discover a new way of viewing art.

Sunset in Andros Island - Grigorios Karastamatis
Bow to the Elements - Annette Elizabeth Sykes.jpeg
Wildflower Beauty detail - Annie Cole.jpg
April Winds - Kaisa Hart.jpg
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Who We Are

Our Aims

Æther to Easel showcases the work of Visionary and Intuitive artists in the UK.

We aim to support and encourage our artists to create beautiful art and we present it to a wider audience.

Our customers are provided with a wealth of unique, one-of-a-kind art to choose from.

The artists each have their own style and each piece is as individual as its creator. Many of our artists paint intuitively which means their creations are unrepeatable.

If you wish to enrich your home with some soul-connected artwork, you’ll find a wealth of inspiration here.

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The Future We See

Bringing Artists Together

Æther to Easel is an online portal for creativity. We’re committed to our customers, students, and our artists. While we’re dedicated to producing our own art, we’re also devoted to bringing the artist out in others.

As we grow, we aim to offer more workshops and classes in both group settings and private lessons. This may be online or in-person at venues around Scotland.

We encourage creativity and confidence in all artists. We welcome guests that come seeking a fun, relaxing, and enriching artistic experience.

Mandi Beard Painting
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Our Values

Learn. Create. Inspire.

Æther to Easel was born from a desire to support visionary artists all over the UK. We provide them with a platform that understands their unique creative expression.

The artists shown here offer a glimpse of something beyond the mundane. Their work inspires us to connect with something greater. That may be the natural world around us or more celestial and spiritual realms.

Whatever it is that inspires you, when you invest in our art, you invest in yourself.

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